Collaborative map

Help us. In this COLLABORATIVE MAP there can be seen the spots where actions have been taken to seek Hodei.

Cargando mapa ...


Please, help us finding Hodei and send us the information about your actions so that we can complete the map. Do not forget to indicate the exact spot of your contribution:

Print the posters and place them in crowded and busy spots of your city:

  • Train stations.
  • Bus stations.
  • Study places.
  • Workplaces.
  • Community kitchens and showers.
  • Social events (festivals, concerts…)
  • Any other spot where you think many people may see it would be a great place.

Print the posters and bring them to the Police:

  • Ask if they know something about the case of Hodei’s disappearance.
  • In case of an affirmative answer put the posters.
  • In case of a negative answer ask them to learn about the case in their Europol system and put the posters.

Fill in next sections to submit the information about the action you have taken. Thank you very much.

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