The family speaks


2 years Missing

 Hodei Egiluz Diaz

2 yearsMissing

This is the unfinished story of a young 23 year-old man who disappeared here, in the city of Antwerp, at 04:25 in the morning of the 19th October in 2013 after being mugged twice. Two years, seven hundred and thirty (730) days of searching throughout the world. His photo in MISSING posters has been put up all over Europe and outside Europe calling for witnesses to his disappearance.

The perfect crime?His family and friends are here before you to insist to the public authorities that we will continue to demand that the search go on, that he be found and that we need a solution. What we don’t want is for his disappearance to become the perfect crime. We call on the police to keep up the search for all possible clues that can shed light on what happened and not to give up even when faced with a lack of results. We are still hopeful that we can bring him home.

Then, at 7 o`clock in the evening, we will gather in front of the castle in Koolkaai, the square where Hodei was seen for the last time asking for help at 04:22 in the morning. Here we will reiterate our compromise in our search for him and for witnesses who can tell us what happened.

The disappearance of Hodei has served to awaken our dormant consciences to the little known drama of the permanent disappearance for no apparent motive of 10,000 people every year in Europe alone.

This Monday 19th October, at 12:00, in the European Parliament in Brussels, the conference   “Towards a European solution for missing persons” will mark the beginning of the elaboration of a “European protocol for missing persons”, the need for which we have been demanding.

Then, at 13:00, we take part in a public gathering in Luxembourg Square in opposite the European Parliament to remember the second anniversary of the disappearance of Hodei.


With your help we will find him.

Antwerp, 17th October, 2015

   Family and friends of Hodei Egiluz Diaz



Koro’s letter


Hi Hodei,

“2 egunbarruetxean! (In 2 days’ time I’ll be home)”. In 19 days’ time it will be two years since I last heard these wordsyou said to me so joyfully on Skype, and now almost two years have gone by and I still haven’t managed to find you.

It’s a very bumpy road, full of stones but DON’T GIVE UP! I WILL FIND YOU!!! Some day those stones will be turned into dust which will make my road smooth and  finally we will be able to hug each other again.

Hodei, I don`t know where you are, but I do know that the day I find you will be wonderful. That day will come, I don`t know when, but it will come. All I hope is that the pain and suffering don’t entirely drain us and that we will still have strength to fight for the moment we meet again.

Waiting for you!

I love you,




El pasado domingo 24 quedó instalada en la plaza Koolkaai de Amberes la piedra que recuerda la ausencia de Hodei;  la que reclama a las Autoridades la necesidad de continuar las investigaciones y la que reivindica el derecho de la familia a conocer lo ocurrido aquel el 19 de octubre del 2013.

“Cuenco” se titula el poema esculpido en nuestra piedra;   para nosotros representa el vacío que sentimos sin Hodei, el grito por el sufrimiento de “no saber” y la determinación de que finalmente podremos llenarlo para volver con Hodei a casa.

La piedra que dejamos en Amberes también quiere expresar el agradecimiento a las gentes tanto de  allí como a las de aquí, por los solidarios abrazos que hemos recibido.

La familia de Hodei Egiluz.
Hodei Bila Elkartea

From Koro Hodei´s mum

Hi Hodei,

It`s your mum here. On the 19th October you will have been gone a year, a year full of fear, anguish, pain and darkness. 365 days in which I have been looking for you yet have been unable to find you. Where have you been hiding?  As a child you were really good at playing Hide and Seek, blinding me with the magic rays you directed at me so that even though you were right in front of me I couldn`t see you. How I wish that this too were just a game and that I would end up FINDING YOU!

I brought you up as best I could, a mother’s life is not easy. There was no-one to show us how to be mothers. It wasn`t something you learnt at school the way you learn to read or write. It was first Eneritz and then you who showed me how to be one.

I was the one who gave you wings to fly, wings to fly to so many places where you went to study, learn languages, work or simply have a good time. I thought that it would be good for your future and now NOTHING, all the efforts you made, all in vain, your future has been TAKEN AWAY.

Who would have thought that such a thing was going to happen to you? I still can`t believe it. I felt sure that they would look after you but that wasn`t the case. I `ve so many questions and don`t think that I haven`t asked them to the police, politicians and lawyers but none of them has come up with a credible answer.

Every morning I open my eyes and it dawns on me that it`s not a dream. It`s so devastating to see that you`re not by my side. So wherever you are, if you can see me or hear me I want you to know that I LOVE YOU and that I won`t ever rest till I find you.

Love and kisses,


Koro eta Hodei

Koro and Pablo press conference, Antwerpen 18/10/2014



Today in the City-Hall of Antwerp we have handed over to the Mayor more than 60 letters written by as many Basque writers in which they ask him to continue with the investigation to find our son Hodei Egiluz. And to help us in this we have been accompanied by 50 friends and relatives as well as councilors and the Mayor of Galdakao who have travelled with us from Galdakao in the Basque Country.

We would like to give thanks to all those people, organizations and associations from Flanders, Belgium and Europe who have been involved in the search for Hodei, and in particular, the investigation team as well as Antwerp City-Hall, Galdakao Town-Hall and the Delegation of the Basque Government in Brussels. Thanks to everyone`s efforts we have succeeded in keeping the investigation and search for Hodei open.

We would also like to thank you the press for the covering you have given to the disappearance of Hodei in its various stages and we would like to underline just how important your work is being in solving the case.

We would also like to thank all those people who accompanied us in the gatherings beside the tree of Hodei in Brouwersvliet where we will meet again at 8:00 later this evening. We would like to thank Stijn Vranken for his poem, for those in Flanders and Holland who warmly received the cyclists who for a week informed people about Hodei, to the runners who wore tops with his picture on it and finally to ever so many people whose embraces and work we will never forget.

On the 21st it will be a year to the day since we got a call from Brussels in which a friend of Hodei told us that he hadn`t been seen for two days and that he hadn`t gone  to work that morning.

And so began the spiral which has brought us to where we are today. Hodei is still missing. The circumstances which surround the disappearance are the following. He was attacked twice close to where the river passes by but the cameras didn`t record anything. The attackers were arrested and we have a group of people who saw him after the first attack but we don`t know when the second attack happened. The attackers have been released and we are totally in the dark with the river as the only hypothesis for his disappearance.

But we are certain that there are witnesses to his disappearance and this encourages us to find them and to ask for their much-needed help in finding him and bringing him home. We are particularly encouraged by the decision of the Scout Movement to help us in the search for Hodei. It could have a vital role to play in solving the case due to the fact that they were celebrating a festival that same day and in the same area where Hodei was seen for the last time (near the Castle-Koolkaai). So we will be meeting up with representatives from that movement.

The Basque Institutions (Town-Hall and Parliament) through its elected representatives have unanimously asked the Belgian Government to continue with and speed up the investigation. We are presently working on a declaration from the Spanish Parliament so that as a member of the EU it can intervene before the Belgian Federal Government to increase its involvement by bringing more means and more people to work on the investigation.

A year on from the disappearance of Hodei as a consequence of a criminal act the investigation goes on, as does the search for witnesses. Our demands remain the same. The search for Hodei goes on.

Koro Diaz and Pablo Egiluz, parents of Hodei Egiluz Diaz,

18th October, 2014