22/08/2014 We’re in Brussels

We’re now in Brussels. Having left Ghent at 10:00 we arrived in Brussels at 16:15, having done 85 kilometres. A police escort of 10 officers accompanied us as we left Ghent on our bicycles. With the traffic being stopped behind us and ahead of us we made a right procession. After an hour and having completed 25 kilometres we parted company.
45 kilometres from Ghent is the town of Aalst and we reached there at 12:30. We gathered in the middle of the square facing the town-hall and displayed our pictures of Hodei. We stuck up some posters and handed out leaflets before eating the sandwiches that Nimbe and Pake had prepared for us. There’s nothing quite like a good sandwich when you’ve been cycling for a good bit. With renewed strength we set off again on the second part of the leg. Up until now the lie of the land had been flat but from now on we started to have hills to deal with.
Rain again accompanied us so we also got soaked. On reaching Brussels were faced with more than one problem:the rain, the traffic and unclear road signs. Luckily, nothing serious happened and we got to our hostel safe and sound. And just like every other day, there, parked in front of the hostel was our yellow van covered with pictures of Hodei. Once again Nimbe had done a magnificent job of driving the van to our meeting-point. Thanks a million! Without that help how could we have coped?
After a hot shower we sat down for our evening meal at 18:30, the Belgian time for eating. As we were starving it suited us well to start eating so early. Then we went to the Grand Place to put up some posters.
Tomorrow is our last day so let’s hope we end it on a high note.


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